Kitchens + Bathrooms

Both Kitchens and Bathrooms can add a lot of value to your home, when done right.

The kitchen is where your home comes together, and where friends and family come together to eat and talk and relax. Whether you are a serious chef or not, a well executed kitchen remodel can impact the entire house. Since it is the center of activity and traffic, a kitchen remodel can transform your home.

When you combine over 22 years of experience, honesty, passion, and our commitment to your personal needs, there is no better choice for your build.


Featured Project


This project was to retrofit and redesign an old bathroom to a handicap accessible one. We installed a zero-lip shower base, folding bench and handrails. 


Things to consider when remodeling your kitchen

  • Upgrade to high efficiency appliances
  • Dedicated storage for garbage and recycling
  • Including a food preparation center next to a water source, a refrigeration center that does not interfere with traffic patterns, and a dishwashing center near the dish storage cabinets.

Want to improve the comfort and functionality of your home without ripping down the whole house?

Bath remodels are considered one of the smartest home improvement projects you can do. A bathroom remodel can offer you many benefits, including better use of space, a contemporary look, or simply more sinks and showers to accommodate you and the size of your family!Master bathrooms can be designed to offer spa-like relaxing features such as steam showers and jetted tubs, and powder room bathrooms are the perfect way to offer your guests convenience and style. A few things to consider when remodeling your bathroom:

  • New fixtures and shower features may require larger water supply lines
  • This may be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a high efficiency water heater
  • Build at least one bathroom with a 36” wide door to accommodate current or future wheelchair access